Service Provider Friday

Service Provider Friday

Is your child battling to focus in class?
Enjoy this insightful discussion with us about the Roger Focus (An Assistive Auditory Device to Improve Classroom Participation and Attention).
Marelize gives us helpful information in order to help you decide if this product can help your child.
Every year about 4 in 1000 babies are born world-wide with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. What about the future of these children?
At Eduplex each learner’s full potential is developed with focused treatment, education and technology.
Watch this video for more information on how Eduplex can help your child thrive in spite of hearing loss.


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Who is Parent Reality?

Who is Parent Reality?

Parent Reality was started by two parents of special needs kids, Johanni Meiring & Nico Liebenberg. They both had the experience of feeling alone and isolated in this parenting struggle since their kids were small and could relate well with each other’s pain.

Since support groups for parents with special needs kids are very needed, they decided to start a group where parents could connect, support and encourage each other.

Since October 2014 Parent Reality has grown into a safe haven for parents to connect, ask questions and not feel alone in this world.

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