Who is Parent Reality?

Who is Parent Reality?

Parent Reality was started by two parents of special needs kids, Johanni Meiring & Nico Liebenberg. They both had the experience of feeling alone and isolated in this parenting struggle since their kids were small and could relate well with each other’s pain.

Since support groups for parents with special needs kids are very needed, they decided to start a group where parents could connect, support and encourage each other.

Since October 2014 Parent Reality has grown into a safe haven for parents to connect, ask questions and not feel alone in this world.

New Release: Special Needs Special Life – 3 Keys to Conquer and Experience Peace while Parenting Special Needs Kids

New Release: Special Needs Special Life – 3 Keys to Conquer and Experience Peace while Parenting Special Needs Kids

 “I distinctly remember one evening, Emma was about three months old, I was taking a bath with one hand on my baby’s crib next to me on the floor, to regain some sanity. By then I was in a serious sleep deprived and defeated state. Nothing seemed to help to calm her down. She was still screaming loudly and painfully as she’s been doing for the last hour without resolve. The thought suddenly crossed my mind:” I wonder if she’s not autistic?”. – Autism – a frightening concept I read about for the first time in a magazine a few weeks earlier. I was shocked at my thought and rebuked myself for thinking such things about my beautiful daughter … still crying.”

On that day when diagnosis is received … you are also diagnosed, not only your child.

Sharing her own story, Johanni Meiring, a Special Needs Parent, Life Coach and Co-Founder of Parent Reality, provides useful tips and advice in caring for a special needs child.

To purchase your copy of this book visit these links:

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Enjoy the read!

Episode 1


Episode 2

Vulnerability & Special Needs Parenting

Episode 3

Your Social Life & Special Needs Parenting

Episode 4

Accepting your Child’s Diagnosis

Episode 5

Dealing with our New Lockdown Reality

Episode 6

Special Needs and Family Relationships

Episode 7

Teaching Your Autistic Child at Home


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