Who is Parent Reality?

Who is Parent Reality?

Parent Reality was started by two parents of special needs kids, Johanni Meiring & Nico Liebenberg. They both had the experience of feeling alone and isolated in this parenting struggle since their kids were small and could relate well with each other’s pain.

Since support groups for parents with special needs kids are very needed, they decided to start a group where parents could connect, support and encourage each other.

Since October 2014 Parent Reality has grown into a safe haven for parents to connect, ask questions and not feel alone in this world.

A Special Needs Mom’s Prayer

A Special Needs Mom’s Prayer

Lord I come before you today
You know my limits, those I forget about
You know my strengths, those I use to cope, and also forget about

Please help me remember WHO You made me to be
Especially on those days when my arms feels like lead next to my body
On those days when it’s hard to find hope

Thank you for my children, I cannot imagine my life without them
But show me how to still be me and not just their arms and legs
Help me live free in my heart and soul
Help me live the joy that is hard for them to understand

Thank you that there will be a day when our bodies won’t matter!


Written by Johanni Meiring


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Episode 1


Episode 2

Vulnerability & Special Needs Parenting

Episode 3

Your Social Life & Special Needs Parenting

Episode 4

Accepting your Child’s Diagnosis

Episode 5

Dealing with our New Lockdown Reality

Episode 6

Special Needs and Family Relationships

Episode 7

Teaching Your Autistic Child at Home

Onderhoud in Afrikaans op Radio Kansel (Special Needs Special Life)

4 Die Lewe – 13 September 2020


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