Who is Parent Reality?

Who is Parent Reality?

Parent Reality was started by two parents of special needs kids, Johanni Meiring & Nico Liebenberg. They both had the experience of feeling alone and isolated in this parenting struggle since their kids were small and could relate well with each other’s pain.

Since support groups for parents with special needs kids are very needed, they decided to start a group where parents could connect, support and encourage each other.

Since October 2014 Parent Reality has grown into a safe haven for parents to connect, ask questions and not feel alone in this world.

Parent Reality the Vision

Parent Reality the Vision

Hi Parent Friends!

If you send the following link to your service provider, they’ll get all the information below.

Link to send: https://parentreality.co.za/index.php/2018/01/23/you-are-invited/

RSVP link: https://qkt.io/fIB5LI

Dear Special Needs Service Provider

On Thursday 31 October we are hosting an Exclusive CHEESE & WINE Event to share Parent Reality’s vision with you. 

Parent Reality (A Support Group for Parents with Special Needs Kids) was born out of compassion for, and personal experience of the realities special needs parents have to face day to day . Focused support can make a big difference in the lives of special needs families.

We believe that by working together, the treatment you provide to your patients can be so much more effective.  Supporting special needs parents in various aspects of their challenges, proves to be an integral part of treating special needs children. .

It would be a privilege to welcome you at our event!


18:00 Arrival & Networking
18:30 Opening by Nico Liebenberg ( Life- and Executive Coach, Special Needs Dad)
19:45 Parent Reality the Vision by Johanni Meiring (Founder of Parent Reality, Life Coach & Special Needs Mom)
19:15 Practical Suggestions towards Parent Support
19:30 Networking with Wine & Snacks

We want to thank our sponsors:

THANK YOU for contributing so generously to our event! Without their contribution this event would not be possible!

To RSVP & book your free shuttle (if you want) please click here: https://qkt.io/fIB5LI

You are welcome to contact me for more info : 083 395 9387 or johanni@parentreality.co.za

Our website and social media links are: