Journey with me through my thoughts, feelings and prayers on special needs parenting. Each of these
blogs are written out of some of the deepest parts of my heart. In Apr 2009 we were blessed with our
unexpected, but very much loved youngest baby boy.

In Oct 2009 my first 2 children was diagnosed. Our oldest son with ADHD (aged 3 years and 9 months)
and our daughter with Autism (aged 2 years). Our journey started when they were born but got more
defined when they were diagnosed.

Our new baby together with the diagnosis of our eldest children was not the end, but the beginning of
many discoveries and our road not yet traveled.

I hope to bring encouragement and authenticity to this blog. If you have similar challenges, please know,
you are not alone.


Please leave your comments for me to hear your heart. It is a honor to have you here!

Be blessed and always look for hope.


Dear Special Needs Parent: Welcome to Holland ..

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