My Shadow

I am a special needs mom to my beautiful daughter on the Autism Spectrum, and the one thing that has remained consistent since before her diagnosis:

The realization that she is and will always be, my shadow. Always with me wherever I go. 

Other than her great relationship with her sister, there are no friends, birthday party invites, sleepovers, movie nights with friends, school dances or team sports.

With being a Special needs parent comes isolation, some experience it more than others, but it is a given. It takes patience to get used to and accept the new dynamic your family’s life shifts into.

As time goes by, you learn to embrace this new lifestyle as a family and so much beauty can grow from it.  You learn things you might not have learned in life e.g what really matters in life, to be grateful for every victory, no matter how big or small, you are your child’s advocate and you are not as alone on this journey as you might think or feel.

I am grateful for this journey and remind myself of that especially on the hard days!

Written by Carlè du Plessis