Exercise has proven to be a fantastic de-stressing activity. Many special needs parents enjoy exercise as that moment of sanity for yourself to just reload and sweat it out.

Hope Lange is a Special Needs Parent, Personal Trainer and Psychology Graduate

Hope Lange put together special prices for different exercise and dietary programmes, especially serving our Parent Reality parents. A gift to you just to make some parts of your life a bit easier.

To find out more about the packages available pop us a mail on: johanni@parentreality.co.za and we will gladly send you the info.

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A few words from Hope:

I am a proud mother of Anne-Marie who is 18 years old diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and other challenges.  It has been a ride and a half up till now, with lots and lots of ups and downs. The physical challenges helped me to become more aware of my physical body, being strong enough for her and being healthy – nutrition and exercise.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer with a Degree in Psychology.  My aim is to help others to be able to help themselves and to become healthier and happier within themselves.  I come to your house or your safe environment to do training with you but more having fun!

When I heard about Parent Reality it took me a while to realise that I really want to help and focus on the parent more than the child. I am the energetic person, always running around trying getting people to move. 

Once you realize that movement and exercise get rid of so much of your stress and that the endorphins are amaaaazing … my job is done!!

I hope to move with you soon!