Holiday Survival Kit

Congratulations on taking action to look after you and your family this holiday season!

We are super excited to share our thoughts with and believe that this series of videos and questions will support you in a big way!

How this works: We have prepared 8 videos with 2 reflective questions each for you. The value you get out of this will depend on the intentional effort you make.

Important! Take a few minutes for yourself each day to watch the videos (2-4mins) and complete the questions. Watch 1-2 videos with questions per day.

We suggest that you download the questions and write with pen on paper, writing on paper helps us to process better. If you can’t print, you can answer the questions in your own journal.  

The 8 videos about selfcare & holiday tips

Video 1: What is Selfcare?

Video 2: Inclusion during the holidays (Points to consider)

Video 3: Why do you need selfcare?

Video 4: Working during the holidays – consider this

Video 5: Discover your own way of selfcare

Video 6: Extended family and friends, let’s bring them in

Video 7: Give yourself permission for selfcare

Video 8: The result of selfcare

Thank you so much for completing this mini course!
May your holidays and the start of your new year be filled with love and hope!

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