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Program no. 10 - As jou kind verdrinking oorleef met Rhonel van Loggerenberg

Hoe lyk ‘n mens se realiteit as jou kind verdrinking oorleef?

Ons kuier saam met Rhonel van Loggerenberg en praat oor hulle lewe nadat hul dogtertjie Junélde verdrinking oorleef het.

Ons bespreek:

 Hulle gesin
 Die realiteit van hul dag-tot-dag uitdagings
 Hoe trauma jou menswees verander

Om meer oor Rhonel se lewensafrigting uit te vind kliek hier: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070578034368.

Show no. 9 - Extended Family and Special Needs with Johanni Meiring

Extended family relationships with special needs in the mix can be hard to manage.

Listen to this episode and:

☑ Hear to a Grandmother’s heart
☑ Explore a few approaches and solutions with Johanni & Verster

☑ Listen to Rick Warren discuss wisdom in conflict situations

Show no. 8 - Interview with Brigitte Harms about Phelan Mcdermid Syndrome and Rare Disease

Brigitte Harms shares there family story and explain the PHELAN MCDERMID SYNDROME.

We also discuss: 

☑️ Understanding Phelan Mcdermid Syndrome and Rare Disease, &

☑️ Valuable survival tips for parents


Show no. 7 - How to Support a Special Needs Parent - Host Johanni Meiring

Listen to this show and find practical tips to really help someone you love and respect living a special needs parenting journey!

We discuss:

* 4 main tips to remember

* We listen to parents describing their experience of support, and

* We delve deep into Empathy & Sympathy with Dr Brené Brown ( An international specialist in Social Work &       Philosphy)

Program no. 6 - Ek gesels oor ADHD met Elsa Struwig (Kliniese Maatskaplike Werker en Eienaar van die Elsa Struwig Trauma en Spel Terapie Sentrum)

Elsa Struwig kuier by my en ons gesels oor ADHD. Sy deel haar persoonlike ervaring met ADHD en hulle gesin storie  Dan pak ons die onderwerpe: ADHD behandeling en mites aan. Luister lekker saam!

Show no. 5 - Special Needs Parent Conversations with Johanni Meiring

Join Johanni Meiring for the show: SPECIAL NEEDS PARENT CONVERSATIONS where she discusses her book and the online course created based on helping a Special Needs Parent understand their grieving process.

We talk about:

* Her family story

* Denial

* Fixing your child, and

* Taking your life back

Show no. 4 - Jaco Kruger Disability Tax Specialist and Special Needs Parent

Join us for this helpful and insightful talk about Disability Tax with some one who has a passion for the service he provides.

We talk about: His family story, Sars Claims & Sars Regulation.

To find out more about Jaco’s service visit: www.disabilitytax.co.za

Show no. 3 - Reinet Blignaut's Family Story and Unpacking Autism

Reinet is a special needs mom, head of Wonderfully Made Academy, registered counsellor, head of Emotional Logic SA and qualified ECD teacher.
We discuss their special family story and her unique perspective and contributions towards Autism.

Reinet also sheds light on all the uncertainties and difficulties that comes with Autism.

Show no. 2 - Dalene Reyburn's Family Story and Relocation to England

We journey with Dalene through her experience of living the realities of a special needs mom and how she processed her son’s diagnosis.

Dalene also shares their experiences in the recent relocation reality of changing their home from South Africa to England.

She is a special needs parent and bestselling author of seven books, and a well-loved speaker, sharing regularly at www.dalenereyburn.com.

Show Premiere - Nico- and Ronell Liebenberg's Family Story

Join us for our very first Radio Show on SA Commuter Radio where we will share the voice of our special needs communities! This week we are having coffee with Nico- and Ronell Liebenberg. They have 5 children of whom two are disabled. Share the challenges and joys of their journey with us.

Radio Kansel Onderhoud - Johanni Meiring & Liese Prinsloo

Kliek HIER om the luister

Johanni vertel haar storie in hul ouerskap verhaal en gesels oor haar boek “Special Needs Special Life”

Episode 1 - Introducing the Parent Reality Podcast

In this episode Johanni Meiring & Verster du Plessis introduce themselves, discuss what the podcast is about and what we hope to achieve.

Episode 2 - Vulnerability & Special Needs Parenting

In this episode we discuss the uncomfortable presence of vulnerability in special needs parenting. The good and the bad sides.

Episode 3 - Your Social Life and Special Needs Parenting

Trying to manage a social life when you are a special needs parent can be tricky.  We discuss a few suggestions to make it work anyway.

Episode 4 - Accepting Your Child's Diagnosis

To come to terms with your child’s diagnosis takes time. The importance of getting there is much more significant than how you get there.

Episode 5 - Dealing with our new Lockdown Reality

Lockdown has changed our lives and perspectives forever. Special needs parenting, like many other things, is harder.

Episode 6 - Special Needs & Family Relationships

To keep family relationships peaceful and understanding can be hard when you have a special needs child. It isn’t impossible though.

Episode 7 - Teaching Your Autistic Child at Home

Reinet Blignaut, the head of Wonderfully Made Academy for Autistic children, shares her view and ideas on teaching a child with Autism.