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Thank you for taking action to help our Special Needs Community with this important situation!


Consider this letter draft and populate the words with your own situation whether you are a special needs parent yourself, or taking part as a friend, family member or special needs service provider.

Important issues to bring under SARS attention:

  1. The important part of education and development contributed by special needs schools to special needs children
  2. That the loss of the credits would leave many parents with disabled- / special needs children without any means to afford the school fees
  3. That special needs children will be left without proper care in many instances
  4. That parents and special needs children will suffer a great deal of emotional distress without any suitable educational facilities for their children


Use this draft as a broad guideline to word your comment

DRAFT (please note this is a draft only!)

Good afternoon,

RE: SARS Disability Expenditure List Update

In the latest SARS draft for public comment (attached for easy reference), SARS is proposing to limit school fees credit for children with disabilities. 

Currently government schools that cater for children with special needs have extensive waiting lists, and we are urged to find solutions on our own expense for our children.  My child is… write here about your child’s diagnosis & educational situation.  Give details about proximity and costs involved. Speak about necessary services the school provides for your children’s development and functionality. The tax credits we receive from SARS every year pays for these school fees and other therapies. It is also important to mention that when a child is mentally disabled that the expenses regarding the support for those children will not be specifiable as extra expenses.

As a parent who is already stretched in every aspect of my child’s development, not being able to claim back from SARS will cause extreme emotional and financial distress. These specialized schools are a saving grace. Without these tax credits, these schools will cease to function leaving these kids with no where to go and ensure these schools will close down.

Please assist us in this!

Kind regards

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