Service Provider Advertising Packages

Parent Reality focuses on support for special needs parents. One of the great needs parents have is to find the right service providers. We would like to link our parents to you and make sure that their hunt for help is not harder than it should be.

The advertising packages we offer is very affordable! We would like to encourage you to present your service to our clients withing their safe space. Your service or product will be visible and your financial input will help to keep our group going.

More about the platforms:

  • Our WhatsApp group consists of tight knit parents 300 + MembersOur parents love to engage here and we have found that this is a very effective form of communication.

  • Our Email Subscribers list consists of 750+ parents to which we distribute information in a personal and non-spam way. We send information we believe they really would like to receive.

  • The Facebook Parent Reality Sharing are kept busy & alive with various engagements and content. Group Members 460 +

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  • On Instagram we try to convey all possible content distributed on Facebook, this audience has a more international focus. Followers: 410+

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  • The website is the base of our group, and we are constantly improving and changing in order to make the site functional for parents to use. Have a look, click here: 

If you are interested to invest in our tribe and grow your service clientele please contact me on: