Life Coaching

Johanni would like to provide a personal coaching service to you as special needs parent. The challenges you face usually do not have a quick fix answer.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is when someone helps people to achieve the best answers to their problems for themselves, whether scholastic, business, sport or personal. A Life Coach forms an alliance with his/her client, offering encouragement, while moving forward towards achieving their dreams and goals.

– Nico Liebenberg

By taking the hand of your coach, you can find support, insight and hope into your unique circumstances.

Coaching Services

Among other customized coaching options I provide a 4 session process especially tailored for Special Needs Parents


Session 1: Discovery and Expectation Determination
Session 2: Personality Analysis & Application
Session 3: Your Unique Special Needs Parenting style & Goal Setting
Session 4: Your relationships inside a special needs environment


For more information about coaching with Johanni, please email

I am looking forward to journey with you!

You are not alone!