The Team

Johanni Meiring

Co-Founder of Parent Reality

During my years of focusing on parenthood from 2005, our first 2 children was diagnosed on the ASD Spectrum in Oct 2009. Our eldest son with ADHD (aged 3 years and 8mnths) and our daughter with Autism (aged 2 years).

Our first few years after diagnosis were very alone and I always just wanted to have coffee with other parents in a similar situation but could find none. The support group idea became a reality during my Life Coaching training in 2014. I really believe that Parent Reality serves as an extension of God’s heart towards parents with Special Needs Kids.

Nico Liebenberg

Co-Founder of Parent Reality

Nico has 2 disabled- and 3 normal children and understands the challenges of raising special needs children.

He is a Life- and Executive Coach and Motivational Teacher. He teaches on becoming self-aware, building balanced relationships, re-connecting with personal purpose, cultivating character, finding meaning in suffering, communicating effectively, reading body language, emotional intelligence, shifting paradigms, managing change and living an empowered and happy life.

Nina van Heerden

Support Group Facilitator, Marketing Representative and more …

I have 2 children.

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD, and son was diagnosed with ADHD, Language Disorder and – is on the Autism Spectrum. Having a child with ASD is very overwhelming.  To get this type of diagnosis, and doing this alone is hard, this is why I searched for a safe space to get in touch with other parents, traveling along the same journey.

Finding Parent Reality has truly been a blessing. To be part of this group of extra ordinary parents gives me the energy to fight for services for our kiddos.

I offered my help to work with Parent Reality in any way I can.  I believe in the mission and vision.  I believe in advocating for our kiddies, and believe that we can create a community for all special needs families.

Carle du Plessis

Social Media Volunteer

I am a Mom to my two beautiful daughters, the oldest diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder and my youngest diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Development Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder.

It has been quite a journey, with many ups and downs, going to many different Dr’s, Therapists and Specialists. Finally getting the diagnosis, was both a relief and heart breaking at once. It left me feeling alone and unsure on what lies ahead.

When I heard of Parent Reality, I immediately joined this wonderful initiative.  Parent Reality gave me a place to belong, with other parents going through a similar journey, a place to share our highs and our lows.  I feel this journey of “Special Needs Parenting” should not be done alone, with understanding and sharing comes healing and peace.

Liesl Breytenbach

Administrative Volunteer

I have 2 children.

My son was diagnosed highly gifted with photogenic memory, double process (auditory and visually), cognitively 2-3 years above his emotional age.  He has Sensory Processing Disorder and recently he was diagnosed as having ADHD.

My daughter has ADHD with an overall Developmental Delay.

I joined Parent Reality because I really needed the support and realized that I am not alone. Parent Reality helped me to be thankful and appreciate my special needs children.  Sometimes you hear stories from parents whose journey with special needs children are a lot worse than your own journey.  I have a heart for people, to listen to their sorrow and to support them.

I believe in the cause and vision of Parent Reality and offered my help with admin work.  It is so rewarding to see how Parent Reality grows and how parents appreciate the support.